الرياض – سفاري نت

As if the intriguingly exotic name is not enough Azerbaijan is slowly and steadily, carving a niche for itself among the residents and nationals of Middle East.

Being one of the largest countries in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, Azerbaijan is one of the countries that making waves when it comes to go-to places for a holiday. It has all the necessary ingredients of a tourist-friendly country: hospitable people, rich cultural, historic and religious diversity, beautiful natural scenery, exotic foods, and many more, making for a delightful summer getaway destination from the Middle East

This stunningly unique country has so much to offer: superb climate with warm summers, sublime beaches, megalithic monuments and a distinctively splendid diverse culture.  Though, 9 out of the 11 world climatic zones are found here, a nice, crisp sunny weather awaits you this summer with temperatures of between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. This delightful weather all-year round and an easy two and a half -hour flight from Dubai – with Azerbaijan’s national carrier, AZAL and One of Dubai’s own Fly Dubai, The land of fire like it’s popularly known, should without a doubt be your number one summer destination this year.
Azerbaijan borders the Caspian Sea – the largest lake in the World. Meaning the Azerbaijani coastline extends over 800km making it a great beach destination with nice beaches and beach clubs in Baku.
Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital is an attraction in itself. A modern-day cosmopolitan city with unique architecture, a wonderful landscape design, shadowy alleys, comfortable cafes, and many amusement arcades for children and adults. Baku City offers you a contemporary European feel coupled with the untouched and archaic imprint of the bygone eras.
Millions of tourists visit Azerbaijan every year to see these impressive attractions. From the stunning UNESCO heritage sites, unique souvenirs to shop for, delicious halal food to gorge on, unique medical spa therapy (Naftalan oil has unique healing qualities having no analogue in the world), the most amazing mud volcanoes on the planet (More than 350 out of the 800 mud volcanoes in the world are found in Azerbaijan!), the heritage-rich cities of Baku and Sheki City (Azerbaijan’s silk capital).
Sometimes you may just need to get out of the city. Fishing, Hunting and other great activities for the adventure seekers are available in Shahdag, Guba and Gabala.  Azerbaijan's eight national parks are also perfect places for rest and relaxation. Take your family for a hike or have a night in front of a bonfire telling scary stories under the stars. The hum drum of the city just melts away as you take a look at the fauna and flora and explore the natural elements just outside the city.
There are also several slopes suitable for different adventure experience levels for the adventure seekers at the Shahdag Mountain Resort located at a breathtaking height of 2500 meters above the sea level. Golfing, biking, running and hiking are among activities available for the thrill seekers. The kids can engage in biking, bouncy castles and other fun summer activities, too.
Apart from amazing climate, stunning attractions and awesome activities, Azerbaijan is one of the most religious tolerant countries in the world.  It is the most secure and safest country in the region with a growing number of more than 500 hotels offering the highest level of service. The most popular hotels are found in the capital Baku with the leaders in the global market like Four Seasons, Fairmont, JW Marriott, Hilton, Jumeirah and Kempinski.
A holiday to Azerbaijan will remain incomplete if you haven’t gorged on the delightful Azerbaijani cuisine. The food in Azerbaijan is 100% halal: Meat and poultry features prominently in all the food preparations such as kebabs and minced meat, while pancakes, soups and bread form a major part of the daily Azerbaijani cuisine. Apples, cherries, grapes, melons, raspberries, plums and peaches are the prominent fruits grown here while sweet black tea or Azerbaijani sherbet is a very popular drink.
Among the various things to see and do in Azerbaijan, Baku nightlife is something to cherish. There are several happening places you can go to (pubs and nightclubs in the cities) and shopping on the other hand, is a treat for the shopaholics.
Azerbaijan has time without number proven that it can hold a sports event of any kind, both national and international. Azerbaijan offers recreational facilities, entertainment and sports centers, more than 15 Olympic sports complex and many more and games like World European boxing, wrestling, rhythmic gymnastics, fencing and other sports Championships are held in the country. This year, in June, the country will host the FIA Formulae 1 Grand Prix in Baku Street Circuit. Tourists are expected to flock to the capital to witness this said World’s Fastest Street circuit from 17th to 19th June.
Getting to Azerbaijan from the GCC region is the easiest thing anyone can think of. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Baku and the Visa procurement is a hassle-free activity, as nationals from UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, can get their visas on arrival in the Azerbaijan. Other nationalities can apply for Visas online in advance of travel, and get them stamped on arrival at the airport.
All these and more indicates that you’ll surely be charmed by Azerbaijan. So if you're looking for the perfect summer adventure. Azerbaijan is the place that should top your summer destination list 2016.


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