Vegan menu officially launches at The Merchant House Bahrain

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With a commitment to sustainable development, The Merchant House Hotel has embraced the concept of having a vegan menu in the restaurant to lead key initiatives that work towards sustainability. This idea has been implemented due to the noticeable shift in consumers’ growing demand for healthier options and to meet the guests’ wishes; as there is a clear need to offer plant-based menu items.

Justin Kim, General Manager of The Merchant House, said “The plant-based menu is very close to us as we take strides forward in 2021 to a conscious, sustainable lifestyle. The number of people embracing the vegan and vegetarian diet is multiplying in Bahrain and around the world. We’re excited to see how the market in Bahrain adopts these shifts, and we look forward to encouraging the community through all our sustainable initiatives.”

In addition, the creativity and innovation of the in-house chef, aligned with his in-depth knowledge of food trends, has resulted in the creation of desirable, flavorful, and captivating plant-based options for this growing segment of consumers. The menu includes Tagliatelle Napolitana and Wild Mushrooms Risotto in their main course and  Asparagus & Cucumber Roll, Aubergine Ssamjang, Tomato Ceviche, Wafu Salad, and Portobello Mushroom as a starter. The menu also includes various side dishes such as Hand-Cut Potato, Half Avocado, Saltsautéed Asparagus, and the dessert option that includes Sorbet and Fresh Fruit. The guests can experience quality, variety, and benefits when dining at The Merchant House.

In the past year, the Merchant House has adopted plastic-free practices by implementing paper straws and linens in all their food and beverage venues. The Hotel continues its sustainability and recycling practices by incorporating the ROX Machine, a new chemical-free approach to clean and sanitize food, kitchen equipment, guest luggage, and areas such as the lobby, guest rooms, and food beverage venues.

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